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Emojy Poop Tins (12) Hello Kitty Arcade Cutie Sours Tin Hello Kitty Nerd Sour Tin
With its friendly smile, the famous POOP and colorful rainbow POOP are tins that help communicate the day! POOP shaped vanilla candy fills the 1.0oz tin. Packed 12 per display. Product Code: WN-NS17394 Product Code: WN-NS17295
Hello Kitty Sour Tin Hello Kitty Sweet Skulls Link Master Swords
Product Code: WN-NS17024

Hello Kitty is costumed as a Day of the Dead sugar skull! Each tin contains 0.8 ounces of brightly colored flower candies. Pack assorted 18 per display.

Legend of Zelda's Link is never far from his trusted sword! This retro tin contains one ounce of sour orange flavored sword candies. Packed 18 per display.

Mario 8-Bit Mints Tin Minions Fart Gun Candy Tin Nintendo Know your enemies tin

Stay cool with Mario and always have fresh mints where you want them. This hip-friendly curved tin contains 1.23 ounces of brick-shaped mints. Packed 18 per display.

Completely incapacitate someone with this cheeky Minion fart gun tin! Packed with disarmingly cute cocoa flavored "cloud"-shaped candies, this tin is packed 12 to a display.

Those persistent foes of Mario–Goomba, Bullet Bill and Bloopers, grab them if you dare! The 8-bit tins contain 0.8 ounces of orange, blue raspberry or watermelon character-shaped sour flavored candy. Packed assorted 18 per display.

Pac-Man Bonus Cherry Sours tin Pac-Man Ghost Sour Tin Pac-Man Sour Power Pellets
Product Code: WN-NS17394 Ghost-shaped Blinky tin is filled with 1.2 oz of sour cherry ghost-shaped candies. "Turned Blue" ghost tin is filled with 1.2 oz of blue raspberry ghost-shaped candies. Packed 18 assorted per display. Round Pac Man tin spins to dispense 1.5oz of orange flavoured sour power pellets.
Unicorn Candy Tins (12)

This trendy unicorn is a colorful collectible! The tin is filled with 1.2 oz of unicorn-shaped marshmallow-flavored candies. Packed 12 per display.